Broken Vow - Fic: You Gotta Dance - Part 4
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Fic: You Gotta Dance - Part 4

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Part 3

Oh come and dance with me, my baby
Let's dance, till we go crazy
The night is young and so are we
Let's make love and
dance the night away

Jared was trying his best to keep the rhythm and seriously tango but Jensen was working hard to distract him.

"Where's your tension? I know there's no such thing as dancing space in tango but at least you should stand straight and keep the rhythm."

"What I really wanna do … Is just dance with you … And feel your body tight …Show ya how to do it right …"

"Jensen, concentrate!"

Jared had attempted to sound strict but he was laughing all the while. It made Jensen just grin wider and keep on singing along to the song. He came closer and pulled Jared against his body.

"I can show you every move … I know just what to do … Each step will feel so fine … One dance and you'll be mine."

Jared eventually freed himself from Jensen's grip which caused Jensen to fall to his knees. Jared fled to the other side of the dance studio. If Jensen wanted to play, Jared would play, too.

He got down on all fours and started crawling toward Jensen while lip syncing the lyrics.

So baby when we hit the floor
You'll be asking for more
Let's make love and
dance the night away

When he reached Jensen, they embraced each other and got up together, all the while swaying to the music and kissing before Jensen sang again.

"Oh come and dance with me, my baby … Let's dance, till we go crazy … The night is young and so are we … Let's make love and-"


They pulled apart, and Jared took the basic position for a simple tango while Jensen jumped to the stereo unit right before Alexis entered the dance studio.

"Oh, hi, J.T. I didn't know you were taking dance classes."

"Yeah well, I gotta brush up my skills a bit, right?"

"If you want I can show you a few steps," Alexis offered with a hopeful smile. She and Jared were startled when Jensen abruptly turned off the music.

"Right, Jensen I meant to talk to you. About the final show. See, I talked to Uncle Kim and we both think that you've been doing great stuff over the last years but we felt that every year it became a bit more … extravagant. Maybe you wanna try for something more tame this year."

"But the staff and I have already started practicing-"

"Of course you can do whatever you had in mind but then I fear we're forced to look for another dance teacher next year …"

Jensen balled his hands into fists.

"Got it."


Alexis smiled sweetly at Jensen who in turn clenched his jaw. Jared couldn't believe that Jensen just stood there and took it when he had snapped every time Jared had so much as breathed incorrectly.

"Make sure you're getting the whole hour you're paying for, J.T."

She had turned toward Jared again and was beaming again as if nothing had happened.

After she had left, Jared walked over to Jensen and slung his arms around Jensen's shoulders before placing a kiss on the back of Jensen's head.

"And that's what my life looks like."

"I don't get why you let her talk to you like that. You wouldn't take any crap from me but you let her threaten you like that."

"Because she's the one with the power. What if my great plans don't work out and I have to rely on jobs like that again? I cannot afford to piss off the future boss."

"But Alexis is the kind of person you can talk to."

"Yeah, when you're rich."

"No, not just then. Don't let them define you. You have to try harder."

Jared had barely finished talking when he grabbed Jensen to pull him away from the window and back into the dance studio.

"What the hell, J.T?"

"My dad. He was standing in front of the studio and looking around. He would've seen us."

Jensen's facial expression changed abruptly. Jared could see the exact moment he was shut out. Jensen was wearing his cold mask again.

"Try harder, huh? Don't let others define you."

Jared's eyes widened when he realized what had just happened - what Jensen was thinking.

"Why aren't you standing up to your father and telling him that you're gay? Because you're still dependent on them and because you're too scared of the consequences. Don't tell me to try harder, J.T."

Jensen gave him no chance to say anything as he stormed off, leaving a confused Jared behind.


"Chris? Are you there?"

Jared knocked at the door again and finally Chris opened.

"Hey, J.T., what's up?"

"Have you seen Jensen?"

"Actually, yeah. He's sitting on my bed and moping."

Chris opened the door wider and Jared could see Jensen in the back of the room, elbows propped up on his knees and chin resting on his hands.

"Can I-?"

"Be my guest."

Chris let him in and Jared went to kneel in front of Jensen.

"Jensen?" He whispered softly while prying away Jensen's hands from his face and placing a kiss on them.

"I'm sorry I hurt you. I didn't mean to do it."

Jensen kept on staring at a point above Jared's head.

"Listen, I know you're angry because I'm still hiding you. It's just that- With my father it's difficult. I will tell him but right now - it's not the right time."

He was pressing his forehead against the back of Jensen's hand, hoping for Jensen to say something - anything.

"I know," Jensen said in a soft voice. "I know it's not easy." He sounded defeated.

"Please, don't be mad at me anymore."

Jared was looking up at Jensen and tried to decipher the look on his face.

Eventually, Jensen smiled and pulled Jared into a slow kiss.

"I'm not," he murmured, and Jared sighed, relieved.


Jared had been working on that damn stage for hours when Alexis breezed into hall and was yelling that she had a few important announcements to make.

"Alright, I want everybody to give their best. There are only three days left until the big event and everything has to be perfect! How's the stage, J.T.?"

"Almost done."

It was the overstatement of the year. But Jared knew it wouldn't do him any good if he told Alexis honestly that he had gotten nowhere during the last three hours because he had been watching Jensen for the bigger part of that time.

"Excellent. How about the program, Jensen?"

"Doing okay. Maybe a bit more practice here and there but we'll be good for the show."

Jared recognized the voice from when he and Jensen had first started training. Jensen was annoyed and probably wishing he was anywhere else but here. Alexis didn't seem to notice anything - not that Jared was surprised by that.

"Very good. I'm sure it's going to be very entertaining," Alexis chirped and went on to ask about the food and drinks for the night.

Jared watched Jensen out of the corner of his eye. Jensen was going through several pages that Jared imagined to be the list of everyone who wanted to participate in the "fun part" of the night.

Suddenly a long legged blonde woman was blocking the view. It was Katie, who was the rich man's wife and usually alone during weeks and so obviously interested in Jensen.

Jared knew it wasn't right but slowly he inched. Finally, when he was standing only a few feet behind Jensen's back, he could understand what she was saying.

"- so I'll talk to my husband and get us some extra dance lessons."

He didn't hear Jensen's answer but to judge by the way he was clutching the sheets of paper in his hands, Jensen obviously wasn't happy about Katie's plan.

She left and before Jared had the chance to approach Jensen without making it clear that he had been overhearing them, Katie was back at Jensen's side - accompanied by a tall man with grey hair and friendly eyes.

"Mr. Ackles? My name is Robert Williams. Katie tells me you're an excellent dance instructor. You see, I'll be busy for the rest of the week, so why don't you give her a few extra lessons? She says she still needs to improve her mambo or something like that."

Jared watched how Mr. Williams offered a roll of money to Jensen, who made no move to take it.

"I'm sorry Mr. Williams but I'll be busy for the rest of the week myself. I can't take the money 'cause I can't teach your wife."

Mr. Williams raised both eyebrows and put the roll back into his pocket.

"Well, thanks for your time, Mr. Ackles, I'm sure you want to get back to your work. And I think you'll have to find something else to occupy yourself with, my dear."

The couple left. Katie definitely didn't look amused by the outcome of their conversation but it wasn't her Jared was concerned about. Jensen had left the hall as soon as Katie and her husband were out of sight.

Jared was just about to follow him when Alexis approached him again.

"J.T., I was wondering … do you already have someone you're going to the show with?"

"Not exactly."

"Good, because I was wondering if-"

"Sorry, Alexis but right now is really not a good time. I have to go and take care of something."

"Uhm, sure. We'll talk about this later."

Jared had already turned around to leave before Alexis had finished her sentence. He didn't care that he was impolite, he had to find Jensen.

Usually the shack would have been Jared's first choice to look for Jensen. That's where he usually went when he was upset. Yet, something told Jared that Jensen didn't feel like dancing right now so instead he was heading toward Jensen's bungalow.

He carefully opened the door and looked inside.

Jensen stood in the middle of the room, unmoving. Jared went to him and embraced him from behind.

"Wanna talk about what upset you?"

"Actually, no."

"Want me to distract you?"

"God, yes."

"Alright, get naked then."

"J.T., I'm actually not in the mood for-"

"I figured. But your muscles are stiff as my father's shirts after my mother's done starching them. Now, don't argue and get out of your clothes and onto the bed."

Jensen turned around in Jared's arms and pecked him on the lips.

"I like it when you're gettin' bossy."

"Is that so, hm? I think I'll use that to my advantage in the future."

"I'm counting on it."

The smile had returned to Jensen's face. After another kiss he undressed and lay down on the bed.

"You got any lotion?"

"Bathroom," Jensen mumbled into the pillow he was resting his head on.

"Should I make a comment about how girly that is?"

"Not if you want to leave this room unharmed."

"Is that a promise or a threat?"

"Maybe a bit of both."


Jared had found the lotion and was getting rid of his own shirt on the way to the bed.

"Wouldn't want to get your bed dirty," he said and got out of his jeans, too.

Both were only wearing boxer briefs when Jared straddled Jensen's thighs and started dripping lotion onto Jensen's back.

"Ngh, cold!"

"Shut up you big baby, it'll warm up in a moment."

Jared put aside the bottle and started massaging Jensen's shoulders and neck.

"Hmmm, that's - Oh, that's awesome. Where'd you learn that?"

"Had a boyfriend in my first year of college. He was a douchebag but he knew how to massage, and although nothing else I got that out of the two months we were together."

Jensen didn't comment on that, and for a couple minutes Jared just massaged while Jensen sighed and moaned.

"Hey, Jensen?"


"Did you … I mean … Will you tell me why you left so suddenly?"

"Will you continue asking until I do?"

"Well … I'm just trying to … I don't know. Forget it."

"Come on, J.T., what is it that you're just trying to do?"

Jared didn't answer right away. He was focusing on an especially tight muscle in Jensen's back. Only when it was slowly coming lose he spoke again.

"I think I'm just trying to understand you better. I mean, you were right when you said that we're different and I … want to change that."

For a moment Jared thought Jensen would tell him to leave him alone judging by the way Jensen's muscles tensed. But only seconds later he relaxed again.

"No matter where I work, there are always people who think they can direct me any way they want. Like I was their personal play thing. Jensen do this, Jensen do that and oh, I'll give you some extra cash for a few extra lessons."

"'S that what Katie and her husband talked to you about?"

Jared figured it wouldn't be a good idea to let Jensen know he heard their conversation. He didn't want to look like he was keeping tabs.

"Yeah. She's been trying to get me in bed since the first day. She probably thought I wasn't giving in because I feared losing my job. I guess now that the season's ending she'd been hoping I would be … more open toward her offer.

"You know, rich people always think that they're so generous by paying me more than I earned for what I did. But that's not how I see it. They're trying to buy me. It's what Katie tried."

Jared could feel Jensen trembling under his hands. He had stopped massaging while Jensen was talking and instead begun to caress Jensen's skin with the tips of his fingers.

Jensen let out a shaky breath.

"I'm not a prostitute, J.T. I never slept with anyone for money or a job or anything like that. I'm not a prostitute."

"Shh, it's okay. I know," Jared whispered against Jensen's skin. He had bent down to kiss Jensen's neck and was now moving to lie next to him, all the while drawing circles on Jensen's back.

For long minutes they just lay there and listened to their own thoughts.

Eventually Jensen turned his head to look at Jared.

"You know I didn't talk about you when I said 'rich people,' right?"

"Of course I do."

"'Cause I definitely didn't mean you. You're … You're so different from anyone I ever met. You still think that everyone is a good person deep down inside."

"Well, not everyone. I'm pretty sure Chad really is a douchebag through and through but yeah, I believe that most people can be better than they are if someone's there to show them how."

"Will you be that someone for me?" Jensen asked sounding hopeful. It hurt Jared to see that Jensen thought so little of himself. He was also sure that Jensen would kill him if he knew what Jared was thinking.

"You don't need someone to make you a better person. You already are a good man, Jensen."

"Nah, I'm full of prejudices against anyone who has more money than me."

The smugness was back in Jensen's voice and grin, and Jared smiled relieved before leaning in and kissing Jensen.

A few moments later Jensen leaned back again. "I told you something about me, now you tell me something about you."

"Like what? You already know most things about me: Gay, wannabe writer, fighting with my dad … what else is there to find out?"

"Let me think … How about what happened when you were sixteen?"

"You haven't forgotten about that?" Jared groaned.

"No, you just made me really curious." Jensen was grinning wide while Jared blushed faintly.

"Alright, I'll tell you but you cannot mock me!"



Jared tried to be serious and even pointed threateningly at Jensen. He only accomplished that Jensen rolled his eyes in feigned annoyance.

"I promise, I won't mock you."

He took up caressing Jensen's arm and slowly began telling what had happened the last summer he had been at the family camp.

"It was the final show of the year and you had taught a few staff kids and some children of the guests a choreography they were supposed to perform that night. I was among those kids and had had a crush on you from the first rehearsal on.

"During practices I tried to get you to notice me but you didn't pay me much attention. I decided that I needed to do something extraordinary to make you see me and that's why I started making up a different choreography for the last show.

"Our performance began and I just started dancing my own version. While rehearsing alone I hadn't thought about the fact that there would be other kids there, too. And so I just knocked one after the other over and when I fell down myself, I took the whole stage setting with me.

"It was a total disaster. Luckily enough no one was hurt seriously. And I had accomplished my goal 'cause you were staring at me unbelievingly and clearly angry. I decided I couldn't show my face here ever again."

Jensen had been listening quietly most of the time but when Jared mentioned falling down and taking the stage setting with him, Jensen had started laughing.

Now he was wiping away tears of laughing so hard. Jared's blush had grown deeper and he was looking away from Jensen. It really had been an embarrassing incident.

Jensen carefully touched Jared's cheek.

"I remember that. And yeah, I was angry but you know why?"

"'Cause I ruined your show?"

"That, too. But mostly because your choreography was so much better than mine."

"Really?" Jared sounded skeptical.

"Uh huh. I kept on thinking that I had to talk to you as soon as the show was over because I was so impressed by what I had seen. I imagined it would've looked even better if there hadn't been so many other people on the stage who were dancing something else. I meant to ask you to show me the whole thing the next day before you left. Too bad I couldn't find you again after you fled the stage."

"I was hiding in my bungalow," Jared whispered.

"Hm, I figured but I had no idea who you were, so I didn't know where to look."

"And all those years I had no idea."

Jared's eyes had gone wide and his mouth was hanging open.

"And I can't believe I didn't remember you. I couldn't get you out of my mind for a while after that evening and I should've recognized you by your dancing. Now that I know I can totally see the similarities between you then and now. Same way of moving."

Jared was still staring unbelievingly at Jensen who was smiling back at him. Then Jensen intensified the touch of his hand on Jared's cheek. He leaned in to touch their lips together and finally Jared awoke from his catalepsy to kiss back.

They moved closer together as their kiss became deeper and more heated. Jared was scraping and clutching Jensen's arm while Jensen grabbed Jared's ass and pressed them closer together.

Jared could feel Jensen's growing erection against his own, and he was about to suggest taking off their underwear when he heard a loud bang.

Both men yanked their heads around to look at the door. In its frame stood Katie Williams, fuming with anger, disgust obvious in her whole demeanor.

"I knew it! I knew you two had something going on! Trust me, Ackles, the hotel management won't like what I'm about to tell them. You are going to pay for rejecting me!"

Before either Jared or Jensen could react in any way, she had stormed off again.

What seemed like ages later they slowly turned their heads to look at each, horror written across both their faces and fear in their eyes.


It had taken them a couple of minutes to shake themselves out of their stupor. Now that they were dressed again, Jared and Jensen were running to get to the hotel.

Jared's idea was trying to talk to Alexis. Of course Jensen wasn't happy with that but she was their best shot. Maybe if they could get her on their side, they would stand a chance to get out of this in one piece.

The moment they entered the lobby of the main house, their hope was crushed. Kim Manners was standing in front of the reception desk and talking to Jared's parents. Next to him stood Alexis, who was looking shocked.

Jared and Jensen stopped dead in their tracks when the four people in front of them suddenly looked up and glared right at them.

"I guess talking to Alexis is out of the window."

Jensen's voice was dripping sarcasm. Jared recognized the tone. Jensen had gone into defense mode.

Kim was slowly approaching them, followed by Alexis and Jared's mom and dad. They weren't within earshot yet.

"Looks like it. Listen, Jensen, we still can-"

"No, J.T., it's too late."


"Mr. Ackles, J.T., please follow me to my office."

Kim sounded calm yet Jared could tell that he was everything but.

All of them made their way to the manager's office. Kim was leading the group, followed by Jared's parents. Alexis was walking behind Jared and Jensen. Everyone they passed on the way stared at them. They all could tell that something had happened, something scandalous, and Jared was glad when they arrived at the office where there were no more prying eyes.

Inside Katie was sitting on a couch and sipping coffee. She didn't bother to get up when the six of them entered the room but plastered on a fake look of shock.

"It's alright, Mrs. Williams, we'll sort this out. Would you please repeat what you told me?"

"Of course, Mr. Manners. I was on the golf course with my husband when I saw your dance instructor Mr. Ackles dragging the boy toward the staff quarters. I had the feeling that something wasn't right and so I followed them. Unfortunately I was right. When I found them, Mr. Ackles was trying to take advantage of Mr. Padalecki's son."

"That's a lie!" Jared was gaping at Katie.

"What happened next, Mrs. Williams?"

Alexis had ignored Jared's objection, and both his father and Mr. Manners had thrown him angry looks.

"I was scared Mr. Ackles might hurt me so I didn't intervene. I left and came directly to you, Mr. Manners."

"That was the right thing to do. You can go now. Thank you, Mrs Williams."

Katie got up and left. When she passed by Jensen and Jared, she smiled wickedly. "You should be ashamed of yourself. The poor boy."

She was gone before Jared had found his voice again. He opened his mouth to argue again but Kim was faster.

"I cannot say how disappointed I am by the recent events. Mr. Ackles I think it goes without saying that your employment is terminated as of now."

"I understand."

Jensen's knuckles where white from how hard he was clenching his fists.

"If Mr. Padalecki will take legal actions is up to him."

"You bet we will take this to court!"

It was the first words Jared had heard from his father in weeks.

"How dare you lay hands on my son? He's already confused about what he wants and then you come along trying to seduce him!"


Jared had never yelled at either of his parents but he just couldn't take it anymore. With the way they all looked at Jensen - like he was something disgusting - something had snapped in Jared. Now that he finally got their attention he wouldn't give them the chance to stop him.

"Jensen didn't seduce me. He even tried to tell me that it wasn't a good idea to let anything happen between us. He had warned me that it would create problems."

"What are you talking about, son?"

"I'm talking about how Jensen is nothing of what that blonde bitch said."

"Watch your language, J.T.!"

"No, Mom! Mrs. Williams is just jealous because Jensen refused to sleep with her, because he wouldn't prostitute himself for her! And then she followed me when I went to see him after he told her no."

Jared was looking at Jensen now, his voice softer than before.

"Jensen didn't harm me in any way, he never did and never would."

"J.T., what are you saying?" His mother was sounding scared.

"I'm saying that I'm gay."

The silence that followed was deafening. Jared looked at his parents. They looked like they had been slapped in the face. Just like Jared had expected them to react.

"No. No! My son cannot be gay."

"And why not, Dad? Why can't you accept that I'm different from you? Extremely different even."

Jared started shaking but now that he had begun, he couldn't stop again.

"You always told me to respect other people, no matter the color of their skin or their religious believes. Was that just clichéd talking because that's what people are supposed to say and think?"

He took a few steps toward his parents, never breaking eye contact and continuing talking.

"Because I actually believed you. I believed you when you said that I shouldn't treat anyone disrespectfully just because they were different."

His father was already walking backwards. He seemed afraid of Jared.

"Dad, I'm not a stranger, I'm your son. And you treat me without respect just because I'm not straight. How will you treat people who aren't related to you?"

Jared had stopped moving. He was standing next to his mother; his father was still a few feet away.

Into the silence that was becoming heavier and more dangerous with every passing moment, Kim cleared his throat pointedly.

"I think you can go now. Gerald, Sharon, I think it's best you take J.T. back to his bungalow while I talk to Mr. Ackles."

"No, I won't leave Jensen alone," Jared said while turning around to look at Kim.

"J.T., Mr. Manners is right." Jensen's voice was low and calm. It sounded the way it had when Jensen had told Jared that they shouldn't be together.

"What? Jensen, I'm not leaving this office without you."

Jared had come back to stand in front of Jensen. He wasn't looking at Jared and instead stared down at his feet.

"Please, J.T., just … go with your parents, okay?"

Someone's hand came to rest on Jared's arm, and when he raised his head he could see his mother looking pleadingly at him.

"Alright, I'll go with them. I'm not liking this though."

"I know you don't. But I can take care of myself."

"Of course you can but you're not alone in this."

Jensen finally looked at Jared.

"I'm always alone, J.T."


I'm always alone.

It had cut deeper than anything his father could've said or done.

Jared was sitting on his bed and staring straight ahead, not really seeing anything.

For two days the same scenes were repeating themselves over and over again in Jared's head.

First there was what had happened in the office. Especially the look in Jensen's eyes before his mother finally managed to get Jared to move out of the room.

Jensen hadn't been bitter or sad. He had accepted it. Accepted that he was alone. The only problem was that, according to Jared, Jensen wasn't alone. Not anymore. Not ever again if Jared could help it.

But the second scene was worse.

He hadn't seen Jensen that day again but overheard Alexis talking to her uncle about Jensen leaving the next morning, and Jared had decided to sneak out at night.

The bungalow was looking awfully empty. Jensen had already packed the few things he owned and only the furniture, a suitcases, two boxes and Jensen himself were left.

"I can't believe they are making you leave anyway."

"What did you think would happen?"

"But I told them that you hadn't done anything to me."

"And still I started something with a guest."

Jared hadn't thought about that. He had forgotten the stupid rule that no staff member was allowed to have any kind of private contact with the guests.

"That's -"

"That's how it works, J.T."

"It's not how it should be! It's not fair."

"Life's not fair, baby boy."

Jared smiled at the nickname. "How many times have I told you not to call me that?"

"I lost count." Jensen had come closer. "And besides, you love it."

"Do not."

"Do too."

Then they had been kissing and clutching at each other, desperate to find reassurance within the other one. They took their time that night, trying to memorize every inch of the each other and all the time wishing that the moment would last just that much longer.

Eventually they couldn't stall any longer. The morning was already arriving and even though Jared didn't care about how his parents would react if he wasn't in bed when Megan woke up, Jensen wouldn't let him stay while he drove off.

They kissed one last time, and then hugged tightly. Jared was fighting the tears that threatened to spill over while he said goodbye, and finally Jensen shooed him away, smiling at Jared and telling him not to worry.

"I'll come looking for you in San Francisco, baby boy."

Jared had run all the way back to his bungalow.


Today was the last day of their vacation. Tonight would be the big show. Without Jensen dancing the last dance of the season.

Jared was sitting on his bed again. He didn't feel like joining any "last minute fun activities" as Alexis had put it this morning during breakfast. When Megan entered their bungalow, he didn't hear her. Only when she sat down next to him on the bed Jared noticed that she was there.



"I … wanted to say sorry."

"For what?"

"For … I don't know. Everything?"

"It's not your fault, Meg."

"Well, maybe not all of it but … I didn't believe you when you tried to warn me about Chad and now-"

"What did he do to you?"

Jared was instantly shaken out of his coma-like state. He had whirled around to look at his sister. The fury in his eyes had frightened her.

"Nothing. At least nothing physically. I just … Last night I went to the staff quarters to meet with him. He hadn't answered when I knocked to I opened the door to surprise him."

She sighed, and it seemed like she was about to cry. But Megan caught herself a second later.

"Let's just say that I did surprise him - with Mrs. Williams."

This time she really started crying. Jared moved closer to pull her into a tight hug. He was glad Megan had found out about Chad in time but he wished it hadn't been like that.

"I'm so sorry I didn't believe you, J.T. I just - I thought he liked me."

"Shh, I know, Megan, I know."

"And I'm sorry Dad's being such an ass."

"You shouldn't call him that."

He had tried to sound like the responsible big brother he was supposed to be but it came out shaky nevertheless. Megan pulled back far enough to look her brother in the face.

"How can you still defend him? After how he hurt you."

"'M not defending him, far from it. But it's no use if you get into a fight him, too.

She was searching for something else in his expression and probably found the hurt look in his eyes because Megan started sobbing again.

"Aww, come on, stop crying, little sister. Tonight's your big performance and you don't wanna look all puffy eyed, right?"

Megan's last sob turned into a raspy laugh.


"Then I suggest you start getting ready."

"Okay. You sure you'll be alright by yourself?"

"Yeah, I'm a big guy."

Megan mockingly slapped him on the chest before freeing herself out of Jared's arms. When she was almost out of the room Jared called her back.

"Meg? Thank you. It … It means a lot that you understand."

They smiled at each other and to Jared it felt like it used to: easy and comforting.


Alexis hadn't promised too much. The show was something special. Especially the boredom factor for anyone younger than sixty-five. The highlights so far had been a puppet artist and of course Megan's song. She had some serious talent and obviously enjoyed being on the stage. Everyone loved her.

That had been an hour ago. At the moment Jared had to endure another round of old jokes from the comedian he had seen weeks ago. They still weren't funny, and Jared still only applauded because it was expected from him.

The guy was trying to tell a story about his mother when suddenly the people in the back of the hall began whispering.

Jared turned his head to see what was going on and whirled back around almost instantly.

A few seconds later Jensen was standing next to Jared and glaring at his father.

"J.T. and I belong together and I won't let anyone - anyone - take that away from us."

Then he grabbed Jared's hand and dragged him off his chair and onto the stage.

"Get lost, sparky."

The comedian gaped at them, and Jensen gave him a little push so the microphone was free.

"Hi folks, sorry to interrupt your fun program but some of you may know that I always used to be the one doing the last dance of the season.

"This year though they said I wasn't allowed to and I just can't let that happen. Especially not when I got an amazing partner like this.

"A man who told me to not let others define me and to stand up for what I want. Who stood up for me no matter what it took or costs. I'm talking about Jared Tristan Padalecki, the man standing next to me. The man I love."

The crowd started whispering again and Jensen used their momentary distraction to get the microphone out of the way and talk to Steve for a moment before returning to the stage.

Their tango began, and they danced.

Everything went perfect, even better than at the competition. Jared and Jensen forgot everything around them. They melted together and moved as one, once more not taking their eyes off each other.

Now that they knew what it felt like, they were able to express the last part, the defense against others, even better. They now knew what it meant to have to fight for their right to be together.

And with just a look between them they decided to change the ending. It was their dance and they could do whatever they wanted with it.

The tango was already the story of their love, so why not rewrite and make it end differently?

Jensen didn't fake death this time. Instead Jared gripped Jensen's left thigh and used it as leverage to pull Jensen forward and make him lean his weight against Jared. Jensen was pressed flush against Jared, fisting Jared's shirt with his right hand where Jared's heart was.

The song had ended and there was silence everywhere around them but still Jensen and Jared couldn't stop staring at each other.

Then, someone started clapping, and Jared carefully pushed Jensen back on both his feet so they could stand next to each other and see who the person was

Gerald Padalecki had gotten up from his chair and was applauding them. Slowly everyone in the room joined in and within seconds everyone was clapping and cheering.

Jensen grinned at Jared, and they bowed. As soon as they were off the stage, their friends were all over them.

"Man, that was awesome!"

"See, I told you J.T. could move."

"You looked amazing!"

Chris, Steve and Sandy didn't give either Jared or Jensen a chance to say something.


Jared spun around.


"You two did great up there."


He was pulling Jensen, who had turned around, too, closer to him, needing the support of another body against his.

Jared's dad nodded to Jensen.

"Mr. Ackles."

"It's Jensen, Mr. Padalecki."

"Alright, Jensen. My daughter told me this afternoon that she has been secretly going out with Chad Michael Murray. And she said that he was involved with Mrs. Williams. I think most people aren't what they appear to be."

"Guess so."

"I agree that I was wrong about you."

"Thank you, sir."


"Yes, Dad?"

"I thought about what you said in Kim's office. And I'm sorry I disappointed you. I'll try to … get used to what and who you chose for your life. Just - give me some time, son."

"I will. Thanks, Dad."

They didn't hug or even shake hands, it was too early for either of them, but they silently established peace.

"Alright, off with you two. This is getting way too emotional for my old Texan heart."

Both Jared and Jensen snorted but left nevertheless.

"You wanna go somewhere to celebrate?" Jensen asked.

"Yep. Some place that has a bed preferably."

"I think my bungalow should still be available."


They hurried to get away from the main house and everyone else.

The moment Jensen closed the door behind them, Jared pressed against him and claimed Jensen's lips with his own.

"Hmm, I missed this. Missed you."

"That why you came back?"

"Uh huh."



"Did you mean what you said on stage? That you love me?"

"I meant everything I said."

"Good. Because I love you, too."

"That works out nicely then."


They kissed again, and Jared started pulling Jensen toward the bed.

"There's something else I have to say though."

"What is it?"

Jared pulled back a few inches. Jensen's eyes sparkled with amusement, and he was smiling brightly at Jared.

"While I was gone - I found a place to set up my dance studio."

"That's great."

"Wait, it gets better."

Jared looked confused, which seemed to amuse Jensen because his smile grew only wider in response.

"It's in San Francisco."

For that of course Jared couldn't do anything else but kiss Jensen again.

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