Broken Vow - Fic: You Gotta Dance - Part 1
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Fic: You Gotta Dance - Part 1

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It was summer - everybody called him J.T. that year, and Jared didn't like it all. His parents were dragging him to the Manners' family camp where they used to spend years and years of summer vacations. Jared had, too, until he was seventeen and had refused for the first time. Since that year he had been saying that he was too old and didn't tell them the real reason.

For the millionth time he tried to argue that now he was really too old to go on a vacation with his parents. Of course his mother didn't care and just kept on blabbering.

"You always loved being at the Manners'."

"Mom, I was sixteen years old the last you took me. I didn't know any better before!"

His mother pouted.

"Oh come on, Mom. I'm twenty-two. Why do I have to come with you to the Manners' again?"

Sharon Padalecki sighed. "Because it's Kim's last summer as a manager and we promised him to be there. Whole family. For the sake of the old times."

Jared had shut up then and only nodded. He knew how much that place and Mr. Manners meant to his parents, and it wasn't like he didn't care at all about the place or his owner. He just didn't think the camp would still hold as much excitement for him like when he had been twelve.

They arrived at Manners' Hotel, and it was just as he had remembered. His sister was already complaining that their mother hadn't let her bring more shoes and clothes, and Jared started to envy their older brother Jeff, who was married and therefore freed from accompanying them. Several groups of old ladies were playing some game with hoops on the grass, and an entertainer was shouting through a megaphone and listing the afternoon activities. It was Chuck, the guy who had been doing the exact same job six years ago. Jared groaned and already felt out of place.

"Gerald! Good to see you again!"

Kim Manners, a small man - well, small compared to Jared anyway - with friendly eyes and long, graying hair greeted the family. The Padaleckis and Kim had been friends all those years, and it hit Jared only now that after this summer that man wouldn't work here anymore.

"'S good to have you here, Gerald. A year is a long time!"

"We're glad to be back, too, Kim." Sharon stood next to her husband and smiled at Kim.

Kim looked sad for a moment but it wasn't long before he was smiling again and let his eyes wander past Mr. and Mrs. Padalecki.

"And who have we here? Megan, J.T.? You've grown. Especially J.T.! Sharon, is there something in the water in San Antonio?"

"Mr. Manners, it's great to see you again." Jared took Kim's hand and shook it. The older man smiled up at him and nodded before giving Megan his hand as well.

"I know, I know. Spending your summer vacation at my boring family summer camp isn't what you had in mind but I'm glad you came!" Again, Kim seemed like he was about to cry but started smiling a moment later.

"Anyway, I'm glad to have you here! There's a dancing class in fifteen minutes and I highly recommend attending it. I saved you four spots and the teacher's the best! Pretty, too!" He winked at Jared.

Sharon waved him off and laughed. "Kim, we just arrived. Take it easy on us!"

"Trust me, four weeks here will feel like a year!" Kim laughed.

Jared was helping a guy whose name tag said Steve to unload the car when he heard Kim's promise. It had sounded like a threat to him.

Jared didn't mind a family vacation. It wasn't like he went out and partied all night. A calm evening at home with a book was perfectly fine for him. At school his friends always thought he was a bore but Jared didn't listen to them and just smiled politely when they asked him to go out and celebrate with them. No, it wasn't the "calm and probably boring" part or even the "family" thing that he dreaded about this vacation. It's just that he really didn't want to come here again.


The dance lesson was even worse than Jared had feared. Any attempt at talking himself out of it had failed, and his parents insisted on him coming along because they were here to spend time together after all. Jared wasn't much of a dancer. Okay, so maybe he was not bad at it, but he had good reasons not to dance. Especially when he was surrounded by many old couples and people who looked like this actually was their idea of a fun time.

The teacher wasn't bad, though: Sandy, a tiny brunette about a few years older than Jared, was doing her best to motivate the crowd. They were supposed to learn some easy dance but Jared couldn't find it in himself to pay attention. He was too annoyed to care if he was in everybody's way, too. Sandy shot him an irritated glance that went to angry when he didn't even look apologetic. His parents and Megan didn't seem to notice anything though, and all the three of them were having a good time. Yes, those four weeks were going to be just peachy.


When they arrived at the dining room for dinner, Mr. Manners showed them to their table.

"These are Mr. and Mrs. Padalecki, J.T. and Megan. This is your waiter, Chad Michael Murray, a law student at Columbia University."

"Wow, impressive," Gerald nodded.

"Chad, the Padaleckis are my special guests. Get them whatever they wish for and take good care of them," Kim ordered before heading into a different direction to welcome more people.

"I sure will," Chad replied, glancing down at Megan. Jared felt more than a little uncomfortable about the way the waiter was eyeing his sister.

After dinner, Kim reappeared at their table, and the conversation turned back to the young generation's future plans.

"Now, J.T. is going to become a lawyer as well," Sharon stated proudly, and Jared blushed slightly.

The truth was that he had applied for a few law schools and had been accepted, too. He also would be moving further away from home. But attending law school was not among Jared's plans. He wanted to take a few courses in creative writing and maybe a bit of journalism and live off his trust fund and part time jobs.

Of course he hadn't told his parents about any of that, yet. It was a good thing that Kim wasn't interested in details and was asking about Megan already.

"Megan is going to be a star and look pretty," Jared said jokingly.

"She already does," Chad answered, winking at Megan. She blushed more than her brother had, and Jared could see how much Megan tried not to giggle.

Last night Jared had, while looking around the main house, overheard Kim talking to the staff. He had said that the waiters were supposed to charm the guests but Jared could see something else in Chad's eyes, and he didn't like it at all. Jared maybe would have had the chance to place Chad's look but as it was, the waiter left their table a second later, and Jared moved his attention back to Kim who was announcing his niece's arrival.

"Gerald, Sharon, this is Alexis, my brother's daughter. She's attending business school and graduating in hotel management next year. If we're lucky enough she'll take over the Manners' then."

"Aww, come on Uncle Kim, you know I will. I love this place!"

Alexis laughed, and Jared smiled back at her. Kim kept on listing Alexis' advantages, and it was obvious that Kim and Gerald were trying to get Jared to ask Alexis to the dance after dinner. When he finally, and only reluctantly, gave in, Alexis beamed. He had to make sure to tell her that he really was not interested in her like that - or any other female for that matter - but decided against it for the time being, considering that she didn't look like she was going to jump his bones any second.

In the end Alexis turned out to be okay. Jared noticed how she liked to come back to the topic of herself every few minutes, so yeah, definitely okay, if maybe a little shallow.

They had been dancing for a little while when the conductor was just starting to tap dance and Kim had entered the stage to welcome everybody at the club.

"It's a pleasure having you all here! Enjoy yourselves and dance the night away!"

Applause erupted, and right on cue, a couple stepped on the dance floor. Jared recognized Sandy from his dance class earlier, and his heart missed a beat when he saw her partner. Broad shoulders, dirty blonde hair, a gorgeous mouth and, from what he could see, bow legs that would make him wonder if he was the teacher for horseback riding if he didn't know any better. Jared stared in awe. He remembered that guy from six years ago. Back then he had had a crush on him. Jensen - Jared forced himself to think the name - was the reason why Jared hadn't come back here again after that one summer. He had embarrassed himself the last time he was here and had no intention of repeating the performance. Jared was only glad that Jensen probably didn't remember him. Jared had grown into his gangly limbs over the last year and didn't look anything like the teenager he once had been.

Jensen and Sandy were showing a fiery mambo and Jared tried to remember the mambo steps he had learned in the dance class his parent had sent him to so he wouldn't embarrass himself at prom night. He had liked it and even gone to the advanced class - where he had failed spectacularly and, from that day on, given up dancing.

"They are amazing," Jared sighed before he could stop himself. So maybe he tried not to think about his failed career as a dancer, but at least he was able to appreciate talent.

"The dance people? They're here to entertain the guests - instead they're showing off," Alexis remarked with a huff. Jared had no idea why she was annoyed by them, nor did he dare to ask.

He thought that the couple looked like they were enjoying themselves but didn't say anything to that account because he figured that Alexis wouldn't like that either. He really tried to keep on dancing but he could not take his eyes off the man who was throwing the tiny female around the dance floor.

"It's so typical of them to dominate the dance floor like that. Our guests are barely able to dance themselves. I bet Uncle Kim will tell them to tone it down any moment now."

Just a moment later, Jared spotted Kim out of the corner of his eye. He was signaling the couple to cut it out, and both looked like children caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

Jensen and Sandy then picked people from the audience and started dancing again, more tame this time, and soon the dance floor was filled.

Jared's parents were dancing past him and Alexis a couple minutes later and asking if they were having fun. He just smiled at them, and Alexis agreed that yes, they were having a great time but she had to leave now.

"The program in the main house starts in ten minutes, and I have to supervise that. Hey, Jared, do you maybe want to help me out?" She seemed really eager to get his undivided attention back.

"Of course he wants to!" his mother shouted over the music before Jared had any chance to form a polite refusal. Instead he just smiled. "Yes, of course I would."

The program turned out to be just as hideous as he had been expecting. A comedian was trying to reinvent the oldest jokes Jared had ever heard, and Alexis had asked him to see to it that the guy - and every other act of the evening - was applauded properly by setting an example while she managed the schedule. The things he did for his parents! He really could not wait to move.

As soon as Alexis was too busy to wave and smile at him every few seconds, he slipped out of the room and headed towards the stables behind the main house, relieved that he had finally escaped her attention.

Ignoring the sign that read Staff members only, no guests please, he followed the well-trodden trail leading around the stables. His eyes soon were adjusted to the darkness around him, and he could hear music from a distance. A moment later, a house came into view. The upper floors were lit, and people were walking up the stairs to the house. He spotted Steve, the guy he had helped unload the car, a few feet away and called out to him.

"Hey, Steve!"

Clearly surprised by Jared, the blonde man turned around.

"What are you doing here? The area is off limits for guests. Your parents will get mad when they find out and then Kim will fire me."

Steve was carrying three large watermelons and before one could drop Jared took it from him. "No, man. Let me help you. You'll smash one if you're not careful."

"J.T., it's J.T., right? Look, I saw you dancing with our boss' niece earlier, and I think you should really get back to your little sweetheart."

Jared huffed out a breath and pushed the watermelon back into Steve's arms before turning around and storming off toward the main house. He couldn't believe what an asshole Steve was when Jared had thought the guy was nice.

"Hey, J.T.!"

"What?" He turned around, anger coloring his voice.

"Can you keep a secret?"

"'Course I can."

"Okay, then you can come with me. But … you can't tell anyone. Or we're all in trouble, okay?"

"Yeah, sure."

Jared went back and took the watermelon into his arms again before following Steve up the stairs and into the house where the staff stayed.

The nearer they got, the music became louder, and when Steve pushed open a door on the top floor, the volume almost knocked Jared off his feet. The thing that made his eyes go wide though was not the volume or even choice of music (Dirrrty by Christina Aguilera) but the people in the room - or rather what they did. Living up to the song everyone danced as close as possible. It was like watching a choreographed mimicking of sex. It surprised Jared that everyone was still wearing clothes. He was sure that he was already spurting a nice blush.

Growing up in a Texan family where their parents almost never talked about sex, he wasn't used to being bluntly confronted with it. All he knew came from school and what his friends had told him. Even though Jared was a good looking guy - or so he was told many times - he wasn't very experienced.

His friends always teased him about still being a virgin but he was waiting for the right one. The only guys he seemed to attract were assholes who were not even admitting that they were gay. He was not going to lose his virginity to that kind of man. Jared may not have told his parents about him being gay, yet, but he didn't hide it. Much.

It was only when Steve nudged him with his elbow did he realize that he had somewhat zoned out. The blonde laughed and asked if Jared wanted to try it himself. He just blushed some more and shook his head, not trusting his voice. Steve smirked and told Jared to follow him to the back of the room. They got rid of the watermelons, and right when Jared turned around, the dancing couple from earlier arrived.

Loud cheering and applause greeted them. They all seemed to know each other from previous summers at the Manner's Hotel, and yes, Jared, too, recognized some of the people around him from six years ago. The song still wasn't over, and Sandy and Jensen jumped into the dancing almost immediately. Jared couldn't look away as they danced like they were the personified sin.

"That's my cousin, Jensen," Steve said into Jared's ear, following his gaze. "And I guess you've already met Sandy."

Jared nodded. He was too far gone to say anything. He knew Jensen, too. Jared just hadn't known that he was Steve's cousin. "They look great together. I wish I could move like that."

"Yeah, me, too. People always mistake them for a couple."

That shook Jared out of his stupor.

"They're not together?"

"No, they tried going out when we were younger but then Jensen discovered that Sandy's not his type."

Jared found it hard to believe that they weren't together. The way they moved … it was so intimate. Too intimate to be fake. "Pretty brunette who can dance is not his type?"

"No, female is not his type."

Jared almost choked. "He's gay?"

"Yep. I think the whole female population of the earth cried when he announced it." Steve chuckled. "Is that a problem for you?"

"N-no. Of course not. Dude, I'm gay myself. Why would it be a problem?" Jared knew he was stammering but he couldn't help it. At least it was warm enough in the room so that Steve probably wouldn't connect Jared's deeper blush with Jensen.

"Alright then. You just looked like you were about to throw up," Steve said with a slightly puzzled look toward Jared.

He didn't answer because he dreaded the tremble in his voice. Right then the song ended and Jensen was making his way over to Jared and Steve.

"Hey, what's he doing here?" Jensen asked jerking his chin towards Jared.

Jared had heard Jensen talk before but that had been years ago. Right now the low rumble caused shivers running down his spine, and he had to keep himself from shaking.

"He came with me."

Was it Jared's fuzzy mind or did Steve sound like he was proud to have brought him?

Jensen threw him another dismissive look and it was obvious that he didn't want Jared there. Jared felt the urge to say something, anything and so …

"I carried a watermelon."

Jensen frowned and turned around, Steve looked like he was about to burst into laughter, and Jared? He wanted to disappear into thin air out of humiliation.

"What the-? I carried a watermelon? Very smooth, Padalecki," he scolded himself before Steve had a chance to do it. When he looked up, Steve was grinning.

"It's okay. People always embarrass themselves the first time they meet Jensen. I think he's using magical power to force them into it so that he appears way cooler than he actually is."

Sheepishly Jared smiled at him and didn't bother to tell Steve that he had met Jensen before. Only that Jensen probably didn't remember him at all because Jared had been sixteen and embarrassing himself all the time then. Which, now that he came to think of it, was a good thing.

The next song had started, and Jared had begun swaying his hips. All of a sudden Jensen was back right in front of him and pulling him toward the dance floor. Jared tried to refuse, tell him that he wasn't much of a dancer but Jensen wasn't listening.

Dragging Jared out onto the dance floor, Jensen grabbed Jared's hips. If Jared hadn't already been flushed bright red, he would have now. He didn't dare to look at the other man but when Jensen touched his face his eyes shot up. Jensen was smiling and telling him to relax and roll his hips. Jared tried his best but he was way too nervous to get it right the first time, and so Jensen helped him out and directed his movements with his hands on Jared's hips. When Jared managed without Jensen's help, Jensen came closer and their hips bumped together with every roll. It felt incredible but caused Jared to lose the rhythm again. Jensen's eyes lit up in amusement, and he helped Jared finding back to the beat - who totally agreed with Nelly: It got hot in there.

Jared tried his best to keep himself from getting hard by thinking about his aunt telling him about her latest surgery on her varicose. His sexual experience didn't go far beyond kissing, masturbating and watching porn - and this body contact thing? Whole new world for him.

When the song was over, Jensen was gone before Jared could thank him. He felt a little stupid because the music continued almost immediately, and he was alone on the dance floor. Jensen wasn't in the room anymore, and Jared couldn't help but think that this gorgeous man probably thought he was a silly little boy. Somehow that thought stung, just like it had years ago. Ignoring Steve who called after him, Jared hurried to get away from there.


The following day, Megan wanted to go to the make-up workshop Sandy was holding, and because their parents already made other plans, Jared was the one who had to go with her.

Megan was trying on some wig when Chad appeared next to her.

"Hmm, I always say that you shouldn't ask about what your waiter can do for you but what you can do for your waiter."

Megan started giggling again. God, it was so embarrassing, but Chad just smiled sweetly like she hadn't exploded with laughter. It annoyed Jared even more. That guy was obviously flirting with Megan, and Jared couldn't really blame her for being flattered, but still he was worried. He knew that kind of guy. There were a lot of fellows just like Chad all over the college. Players. They liked flirting and bagging the girl and then never calling her again. Jared absolutely did not want his sister to be fooled by a guy like that.

"I got a nice car in the parking lot. If you want, I can take you for a drive tonight," Chad suggested and Megan blushed again.

"Y-Yes, that'd be cool." She all but squealed, and Chad smirked. Jared only sighed heavily. He had to talk to Megan soon.

After the waiter had left, Megan turned to look at Jared. "J.T.?"

"Don't even think about it."

"Please, please cover for me! Tell Mom and Dad that I feel sick and won't come to the dance tonight."

"No, why would I support your wandering off with some guy you don't even know?"

"Because you love me! And because Chad is a nice guy. And he likes me. Jared, he likes me."

And just like that he couldn't refuse his sister anymore. He knew that Chad didn't actually like her but seeing his sister like that … Despite the fact that she was pretty and popular at school she usually didn't get asked out. The boys were all intimidated by their dad - who once threw Megan's date out because he wasn't dressed properly enough. Nowadays the boys mostly stayed away from her, which really can drag a seventeen-year-old girl's emotions down.

He sighed. "Alright, I'll tell Mom and Dad that you're not feeling well. But please, Megan, I'm begging you, don't do anything with that guy. If not for yourself or me, then please because otherwise he'd get into trouble." Jared was sure that the last argument would probably work best, and indeed, Megan's forehead wrinkled, and she nodded. "Yeah, you're right. I promise. Thank you, J.T.!"


It was a small sound that Megan didn't even catch. But Jared did. Sandy had announced the end of the workshop a moment ago and was stashing away wigs and make-up. Jared got up and walked over to her.

"Hey, Sandy, right? I just wanted to tell you that you dance amazingly. I wish I could move that way."

"Thanks. It's no big deal though. My mother threw me out when I was sixteen, and I've been dancing ever since then." She turned around and started to walk away but then came back to place herself right in Jared's personal space.

"Listen, you better keep an eye on your sister. Or rather Chad."

"I am. Megan promised she wouldn't do anything with him - even if for the wrong reasons. I know my sister. She keeps her promises. Always."

"That's good to know. Make sure she doesn't break the habit, though."

Jared couldn't do anything else than stare after her when she left.


In the evening, Jared told their parents that Megan was down with a migraine so she wouldn't come to the dance and didn't want to see anybody - not even their mother.

Now, Jared was stuck on the dance floor with Alexis again. He had to do something about her soon, and the moment he opened his mouth to tell her that she was not his type, he was distracted by Kim. The manager was walking up to Jensen (Jared had tried his best to ignore the dancer but couldn't really stop the staring) who was dancing with a young, blonde woman who he had heard Kim call Katie when he had told Jared's dad about her. Apparently her very rich husband came to the hotel only on weekends and left her alone the rest of the time. She didn't seem to mind though, judging by the way she clung to Jensen.

The couple had been dancing close to Jared and Alexis, and now Kim tapped Jensen on the shoulder. "Where is Sandy?"

"What do you mean, 'where is Sandy?' She worked all day long, she needs a break. She's taking a break at the moment." Jensen sounded angry but looked like he was trying to keep himself under control. His hands were clenched into fists, his jaw was working furiously and, from what Jared could see, his eyes were gleaming with anger.

Kim seemed to be just as pissed but he didn't look as dangerous as Jensen. It sounded worse though when he spoke again.

"You better make sure her break doesn't become too long, or else she'll have no work to come back to afterwards."

Kim definitely had a habit of threatening the entertainment crew. Jared was surprised to discover that side on nice, old Mr. Manners.

"- ice cream?"

"Sorry, what did you say?"

Jared hadn't realized that Alexis had been asking him something until it was too late.

"I asked if maybe you wanted some ice cream. What were you thinking about?"

"Uhm, sorry. Law school … I guess I just drifted off."

"Yeah, I noticed. So, do you want some ice cream?"

"Sure, why not? Ice cream's always good." He grinned at her. Ice cream was a great idea.

Alexis smiled in response, and her eyes showed that glimmer again that reminded Jared he had to take care of it at the next opportunity. "I just have to get my keys from the car, you want to come with me?"


In the staff parking lot, Alexis went straight to a black and red BMW Mini Cooper. While she searched for the keys inside, Jared waited a few feet away.

Suddenly he heard a shriek, and seconds later his sister's head appeared above the roof of a car. She was a couple rows away but Jared could see that she wasn't happy. Chad's head popped up, too and he was talking to her.

"Come on, Meg. It's no big deal."

"No, Chad. I said no and you should respect that. It's not nice of you to try to talk me into it anyway. I will not do it."

"Ack, girls!"

Megan huffed out another sigh and stalked away toward the hotel. Chad got back into his car and drove off.

Jared smirked. He was glad that his sister had kept her word. All he could hope for now was that Megan would forget about Chad. He hadn't even bothered to go after her and apologize. He probably had gone to the next city to get another girl.

"Jared, what are you staring at? Can we go?"

Alexis had appeared next to him and was poking his arm.

"Yes, yes! Sure, let's go."

Alexis seemed to not have noticed anything. Although he wouldn't mind if Chad got punished, Jared didn't want to drag his sister into it more than necessary.

Moments later Alexis led him into the kitchen through the back door and dragged him to the huge fridge in the middle.

"Let's see what else we got in here … Pudding, yoghurt … milk … hm, roast beef!"

While Alexis dug through the contents of the fridge, Jared had wandered around the kitchen. He had heard a little noise, like a whimper.

Crouched into a corner between the oven and the sink, Sandy sat with her knees pulled up to her chest and crying as silently as possible. Jared knew what to do.

"… Salad … Hey you want a beer?"

He had almost forgotten about Alexis but now her voice came floating across the room.

"Uhm, no. Alexis, you know what? I don't feel like ice cream or anything else anymore. I'd really like to check on my sister, y'know? She was really miserable when I left her."

"Yeah, sure. I have to be at the main house anyway. Those old ladies and gents won't be entertained by themselves. I wish you could help, but I get that family comes first. Mine does, too."

Jared smiled at her and nodded. Alexis really was okay.


As soon as they said goodbye and he had watched her go into the main house, he ran back to the dance.

He quickly explained to Steve that he had found Sandy and that she didn't look well, and a moment later they the dance floor.

"Why's he coming with us?" Jensen asked annoyed.

"He's the one who found her. He's here to help. Calm down, Jen."

"Calm down, calm down! I'll show you calm down!"

"What happened to her?" Jared dared to ask.

"She's pregnant," Steve answered quietly.

"Jeez, Steve. Why did you tell him that? Now he'll go to Alexis, and Sandy'll get fired!"

"No! I'd never do that!" Jared didn't want Jensen to think badly of him just because he spent time with Kim's niece. Talk about prejudices!

"Then why are you still following us?" Jensen looked at Jared like he was not worth his attention. Jared thought he was probably right.

"Because I wanna help," was all he could manage to say.

Jensen's look shifted a bit and he looked surprised instead of annoyed. The moment was over too soon though. Jensen had swung around again and stormed off toward the kitchen.

After Jared showed them where Sandy was, Jensen picked her up and carried the crying woman to a shack nearby. Inside was an old couch, a few chairs and armchairs, a couple shelves and a stereo. It looked like they were practicing for their performances in here.

Jared stood with the back to the door; Sandy sat on the couch, wrapped up in a blanket. Steve had taken an armchair close by while Jensen was standing behind the couch and resting his hands on Sandy's shoulders.

"So, what do we do?" Steve asked.

"We don't do anything. I will keep the baby." Sandy's look was determined.

Steve threw Jensen a puzzled look.

"You sure?" Jensen asked then, and Sandy only nodded.

"Yes. It's not the 1960s anymore and a single woman can raise a child on her own."

"What about the challenge?"

"I'm sorry, Jen. I really am. I can't participate. I can't risk hurting the baby. You know that sometimes a lift or move goes wrong."

"But what about the money? You want to raise that baby all by yourself, you'll need money. "

"I'm not worried about that." She sounded confident but then her look changed. "Jen, I'll be able to manage. But what about you? I know you need the money. And I'm sorry I can't help you win it. I … I just can't do it. Maybe - maybe you'll find a substitute."

"Substitute? Sandy, I get that you want to be careful and I respect your decision, but there is no substitute for you. Everyone's busy here, they're all working. No one has the time to learn the routines. Not this short of notice."

Jensen had somewhat calmed down before but now his anger rose again. His hands were balled into fists, his jaw clenched, just like they had been when Kim had asked about Sandy earlier. Jared knew those motions. He did that, too, when he was mad or upset.

"… J.T."

"What?" He hadn't been paying attention to the conversation anymore. Now the other three were looking at him and he had no idea why but it made him nervous.

"I said," Steve repeated, "that there is someone who has the time to learn the routine and go to the challenge with Jensen. You, J.T."

"No." Jensen's voice was quiet but dangerous.

"Come on, Jen. You know the boy can move and I'm sure that when you're teaching him, he'll be good enough to win that challenge with you."

"Uhm, guys?" Jared jumped in before Jensen had a chance to tell Steve to fuck off with his stupid idea. "Isn't there a teeny, tiny problem?"

"Like what? Your lack of skills?" Jensen retorted, and yeah, that hurt.

"I can move just fine, thank you. No, I meant more the fact that we're both guys. Isn't that against the rules?"

"Actually, no, it's not. They used to have that restriction in the rules but erased it last year or so," Sandy answered smilingly. It was obvious that she had already approved of the idea. "Jen, I think Steve's plan could work."

"No. And don't you start, too. Next you know, baby boy here wants to do it."

Jensen shot Jared a nasty look that said Don't you even dare! Only that Jared never was able to resist a challenge.

"Actually," he smirked at Jensen, "I kinda really do."


If Jared hadn't been looking at them, it would've been impossible for him to understand their different reactions.

Steve was, of course thrilled, Sandy surprised, and Jensen. Well, Jensen seemed to be equally mortified and impressed.

Jared grinned.

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