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Fic: You Gotta Dance - Master Post

Title: You Gotta Dance
Author: [personal profile] momo
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Jared/Jensen and some very lightly implied Chris/Steve
Word Count: 24,105
Beta: [ profile] myloveshine
Warnings: Should I warn for schmoop?
Notes: Written for [ profile] whenboymeetsboy. If someone happens to realize that I'm talking total bullshit about the dance I used ... let me know, okay? Oh and very importantly: I had already finished writing the first part before Kim Manners died.
Disclaimer: None of this is true, there are only a few, very minor OCs and every name you recognize from a TV show/movie belongs to a person who owns himself/herself. Also? I make no money with this. Too bad, actually.
Summary: Jared spends his last summer vacation before the beginning of law school with his parents at the Manners' Summer Camp. It doesn't take him long to get tangled up in a drama where someone's pregnant and someone else needs a new dance partner for the upcoming dance competition. Based on the movie Dirty Dancing.

art by me

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