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Title: Show Me How You Do That Trick
Author: [ profile] thenyxie
Reader: [personal profile] momo
Fandom: SPN
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1,194
Summary: Let's just call this the missing scene from episode 3x13. Why did Dean cover the camera?
Author's Notes: Because [ profile] jamesinboots said "somebody" should write it :)
Reader's Notes: A coda to episode 3x13

MP3 [6.3 MB]
Podbook [3.5 MB]

Total Length: 7m:19s

Please make sure to let the author know what you think in her Original Entry

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Title: To Wake A Captive Dreamer
Author: [personal profile] sophie_448
Reader: [personal profile] momo
Fandom: CW RPS
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Jared/Jensen, Chris/Steve and implied Chad/Sophia
Summary: Once upon a time (ten years ago to be precise) something terrible happened to Jensen. He’s been dealing with it, or failing to deal with it, ever since. His best friend, Chris, takes care of him and Steve takes care of Chris. They’re one precariously balanced little family who also happen to play in a band together. When Jared becomes their new bassist, everything changes. An unorthodox retelling of Sleeping Beauty.
Warnings: graphic m/m sex, potentially disturbing description of past sexual assault
Author Notes: Written for [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang
Reader's Note: Sorry Sugar it took me so long to finish this but I wanted it to be perfect. I really hope it is for you!
Everyone, I'm German so you might notice a bit of an accent. Oh and feel free to let me know if something's not right, like maybe ... I screwed up during editting or something ;o)

Now, I got two versions of this:

One is the usual: Just me, reading he amazing fic.
The second one ... well, I love the soundtrack for this Big Bang story just too much to not include it. So the second version has the soundtrack worked into it. Sometimes between paragraphs, sometimes in the background. Of course that'll make the whole thing a bit longer and the files bigger. So I'll post both version and you can pick whichever you want.

Version One (Plain):

MP3 [189.1 MB]
Podbook [81.5 MB]

Total Length: 2h:24m:48s

And Version Two (Fancy):

MP3 [232.8 MB]
Podbook [69 MB]

Total Length: 2h:50m:52s

[personal profile] cybel compiled the Podbok version, thank you!

Please leave feedback for the author at her original post, here.

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Title: Any Other Way
Pairing: Chris/Steve
Rating: PG-13
Author: [personal profile] momo
Warnings: None, except for the schmoopiness of it ...
Words: 1,768
Disclaimer #1: Obviously the boys own each other themselves, I'm making no money with this either
I wish I could, though
Summary: Chris just wasn’t this quiet. Ever.
Note #1: About two weeks ago I had this idea and it wouldn't leave my mind. More notes and an extended Disclaimer at the end. I don't want to spoil you guys.

Thank you, [personal profile] kohaku and [ profile] myloveshine for the beta! Thanks to [ profile] silme711 for the instant!reaction. I love you guys!

Any Other Way )

Thanks for reading and comments seriously make my day! They're a bit like drugs ... less dangerous but just as addictive!

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Tags: !fic, fandom: rps, pairing: c/s, rating: pg13
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Title: The time Jared got so sick and Jensen was screwed
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Author: [personal profile] momo
Warnings: None, except you consider schmoopy kitchen!blowjobs a warning ...
Words: 4,918
Disclaimer: Obviously the boys own themselves 'cause if they were mine I'd make them do the stuff instead of writing it.
Summary: Jared is sick and Jensen tries his best not to jump him anyway.
Note: I asked [ profile] silme711 to give me a prompt, because she was having a bad week and she answered: Porn? J², Schmoop? Pre x-mas? Oooh, or maybe gym porn? Or Sick boys? This is what I came up with. Hon, I hope you like it!

This is the first time I wrote RPS and made it public so ... yeah, I'm kinda excited!

Thanks to [personal profile] wiccaqueen for the very fast and awesome beta! ILY ♥

Jared had been sniffling all day long and Jensen had had enough of his whining. )

Comments are ♥

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Those are all the icons I had posted at my own LJ, nothing new so far.

[09] Steve Carlson
[06] Chris Kane in Her Minor Thing
[08] Chris Kane in Leverage
[08] Jared at EyeCon
[17] Wincest/J² (mostly NSFW!!)
[10] Animated Season 3 Gag Reel (some out of these are J² and unfortunately only a few are LJ friendly)
[11] Sam Winchester/Jared Padalecki
[07] Dean Winchester/Jensen Ackles



Many more )


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Leverage )


Gen RPF )

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